Create a powerful and affordable network to deliver your mission-critical data. Build connections from A to B and beyond. Only pay for the bandwidth you need.


Your gateway for connectivity to the clouds, between data centres, and anywhere you want to go on our network. Prices start from 500 dollars.

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Virtual Cross Connects (Metro)

Virtual connections that link your A end and B end within a metro region.

Contact our team for information on Interstate and International Virtual Cross, or:

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Megaport Cloud Router (MCR)

Your virtual routing service to connect and move data between the clouds without any hardware. Prices start from 500 dollars.

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Internet Exchange

Your platform for sharing and sourcing traffic globally.

*Within Metro

$0 (included in port fee)

Long Haul

*Where available. **Pricing values reflect both USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD, Visit for accurate pricing in your currency. Excludes taxes and regulatory fees

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Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE)

Modernize private connectivity with Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), our on-demand Network Function Virtualization (NFV) service. Deploy SD-WAN gateways, virtual routers, and virtual firewalls in minutes. Contact our sales team to learn more.

MVE has two billable components:
COMPUTE: Fixed price based on number of cores. TRANSIT VXC: Price is based on set rate per Mbps.
MVE Package vCPU RAM Transit VXC[1]
MVE 2/8 2 8 GB Adjustable from 20Mbps to 10Gbps in increments of 1Mbps
MVE 4/16 4 16 GB
MVE 8/32 8 32 GB
MVE 12/48 12 48 GB
[1] Symmetric, guaranteed, fully redundant, with DDoS protection.
***Storage will be allocated as per the image/software requirements

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